Friday, August 12, 2011

The Meeting Podcast - July

On this month's podcast: Matt and Justin consider a walk down the aisle but decide to give Maggie Gallagher diet advice instead. Al Franken proves himself the homosexual's fiercest advocate in the US Senate and the IOS takes notice. Later, Matt's gaydar buries the needle whenever Marcus Bachmann opens his mouth (to speak, of course). Finally, Justin loves his gay superheros, or at least the way they look in spandex. All this, plus a flash back to our 90's youth (read: which Thundercat are YOU in heat for?) on the July edition of The Meeting Podcast.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Meeting Podcast - May

In the lusty month of May, Justin eulogizes legendary I.O.S. member Arthur Laurents. Musical Theatre legend. Hollywood screenwriter. Outspoken homosexual. Total Prick. We'll miss ya Arthur. We lament the terminus of Oprah Winfrey's television program, even though she never gave us a car. Tony Kushner gets called an anti-semite and fights back. Republicans take a drubbing from Justin who, shockingly, admits, "he just doesn't like them." (At least we can call them Santorums.) Grey's Anatomy proves the most culturally important gay-friendly television series since Brideshead Revisited. And finally, Justin ogles over the royal wedding and wonders why America can't have a Monarchy? He really just wants to be Queen.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Meeting Podcast - April

On this month's Podcast, Lord Byron's a randy pervert, and Jesus is a mo. (But we knew that already.) Justin feels no need to recuse himself from offering his opinion about Judges who rule on gay issues. We bid a fond farewell to Glenn Beck, Fox News' own rodeo clown. Matt speculates on Justin Bieber's genitalia and asks the age old question, "do tweens still exist?" Justin forgets to pay his taxes but calls it "civil disobedience." Finally, we shed some tears over the death of "size queen" Elizabeth Taylor. All this on more on this month's not-to-miss Podcast.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Meeting Podcast - March

This month on the Podcast: Justin explains to us all why Jesus would worship Judy Garland. The IOS drinks some Tigerblood and puts Charlie Sheen in the crosshairs. Justin gives us his best John Galliano impression (alas you can't see the pirate hat). Matt can't figure out what a "man pussy" is and nobody's talking. Shirley Phelps needs a makeover while Tallulah Bankhead gets Syphilis. All of this and more on the March podcast of the International Order of Sodomites. Is it the best yet? Duh, Winning!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Meeting Podcast - February

In this month's podcast: Justin confesses that he's tired of gay people. A hitherto unknown fondness for taxidermy is made public (but only with amputated body parts of campy old screen vixens). Karl Lagerfeld beats Calvin Klein in the creepy old fashion-mogul sugar daddy awards and Justin gives us his Oscar pics though he has seen almost none of the movies nominated. It's a can't miss.